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About Us 

Realtime Software Corporation purchased the award-winning SMI product line of Business Control Programs (BCP) and Manufacturing Control Systems (MCS) software and services.

The acquisition from SMI, includes RPL™, the high level computer language developed specifically for on-line, real-time transaction oriented data base computer systems.

Over 1,000 clients worldwide
The complete data processing vendor
    Supplier of a full range of micro, mini and mainframe computer systems
    SMI authored applications software packages
    A full range of systems support; consulting, system design, programming, training, installation and on-line support services
Third party software

Application Software Products

Two major on-line transaction-based integrated real-time application libraries
    Business Control Programs (BCP)
    Manufacturing Control Systems (MCS)
Industry recognition
    ICP Million Dollar Awards (BCP and MCS)
    MIC honor roll from end user surveys
    Pro_Gramme Awards for "Best Price/Performance" and "Best Accepted by User"
PICK™ / D3™ Relational Database Manager
Work station transaction oriented
Menu driven - user friendly
Transactions processed on-line for immediate database updates
Source code provided for easy modification by Realtime dealers, customers or Realtime Software Corporation
Enhancement provided regularly

Computer Hardware Products

The computer hardware sold and supported by Realtime and its dealers is selected for its ability to provide the best overall performance in executing Realtime terminal-oriented, integrated real-time applications software using the PICK™ / D3™ Relational Database Management System - D³ and advanced Pick.

    IBM RISC System/6000 - AIX
    Personal Computers - Intel based
    Any Linux Red Hat 3.x Enterprise or higher supported Hardware

The combination of Realtime-supported computer systems and operating/applications software made available to Realtime clients, teamed with a broad range of related support services, results in the the best price/performance value in the marketplace today.
RPL is a registered trademark of Realtime Software Corporation
PICK™ / D3™ are a registered trademarks of Raining Data Corporation, Irvine, CA



We are pleased to announce that Pierce, E-One and Rosenbauer Dealers have selected our software package to help manage their dealerships. Our integrated Fire Rescue Equipment software module offers many features these dealerships require. Please call or Email for More Information.......


Customer References

We have been using Realtime Software for our business since 1989. We have found the business programs to be very powerful and very flexible in their use with our business, and the people at Realtime have been very helpful in answering our computing needs. . . . ........ Read More


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